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Richard is a political comedian and social commentator. His stand-up is about being ADD, dating, the terrors of driving while ADD, and the challenges of being Richard Siegel.

Since 1987, he has recorded 31 songs that have aired on networks including the Associated Press Radio Network, Westwood One, and National Public Radio. He was featured for one of his videos on A Current Affair and appeared on Alpha House with John Goodman and Wanda Sykes.

Richard has a history with Wanda as they performed together in the 1990s along with Dave Chappelle.

His original musical “The Book of Condolesther” features 14 of Richard’s songs and combines the story of politics from Nixon to Trump with the Book of Esther. His songs regularly chart in top positions on with two #1 songs. It airs regularly on Roku’s Music Channel.

founder and producer of the

funniest celebrity in washington 

annual stand-up contest, running from 1987 to 2015





Richard Siegel started the “Funniest Celebrity In Washington” Contest while serving as the promotions director of the Comedy Café in 1987. What started as a fun lark for grins and giggles – mostly with local athletes and newsy types – blossomed into an annual rite of passage for politicians and pundits alike.

The participant list over the years reads like a who’s who in DC culture: Hall of Fame running back John Riggins is getting perhaps a little too lewd one minute, only to be followed by Seven On Your Side legend Paul Berry. Helen Thomas and Sarah McClendon performed in the early period, while Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, Arianna Huffington, Kellyanne Conway, Sam Donaldson, George Stephanopoulos, and Tucker Carlson followed over the next five years.

Some politicians shockingly got jealous of the attention that event was generating. Thus a torrent of insider political jesters unleashed their comedic wrath upon the unsuspecting public. The first was Senator Joe Lieberman, followed by Arlen Spector, Tom Daschle, Linda and Loretta Sanchez, and many more that you see in that fancy graphic that someone somewhere paid good money for. I forgot to reimburse him. If you run into my web guy, let him know I’m good for it.

Songs and parodies

Richard’s current specialty is writing original songs – country, blues, funk, and even Go-Go. He’s also been hip to that hot parody action since 1987. There are songs about the Russians, about the Bobbitts (who can tell them apart anymore) and about love in corporate America via a hippie guitar player. Some of these songs have actually charted on real charts and stuff.

You too can have a customized song parody about any subject you can imagine.

Does your friend need to catch good natured ribbing for something he did? Remind him about it forever in song.

Have a funny premise for a song but don’t know C-sharp from C-SPAN? Call Richard today – he will work with you personally until it’s perfect.

Probably awesome

videos of my stuff


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Silly songs


Comedic social commentary


Full length play coming soon

Trump in the USSR

the lawsuit song

the fiddler who fell off the roof

hard on ukraine

One Prince Christie

The Cutting Game

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You too can totally have radio-quality songs with custom lyrics!

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Richard Siegel has recorded everything from country to Go-Go. He has parodied Sly and and Family Stone, Frank Sinatra, Barry White, Crosby Stills and Nash, EU, Billy Joel, Bruno Mars, John Denver, 311, and an obscure boy band named The Beatles.

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Client Testimonials

Gotta be the first song I have ever heard with:
  1. Coronavirus
  2. Trump
  3. and Mask in it.
Clever! Nicely done.


Ward Warren

Richard is a rare and raw talent.  He has written and performed dozens of parody songs and engaged noted journalists and politicians in a long-running Funniest Celebrity in Washington DC event. Songs are widely distributed and can be found on many of the top music services such as Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora. 
Steve Murphy

Congratulations on your top music status!!💃🏼😊🕺🏼



Dallas, GA

Wow. Big country tone Richard. Amazing! Really incredible!


William Ladislaw, lyricist

Well done. Lovely song. Nicely performed and produced. Enjoyed it very much. We wish you every success and take care.




Ayr, UK

I worked with Richard on Funniest Celebrity for ten years. He was always the Funniest Celebrity, although there are a few members of Congress who won, that would disagree. Richard made it work every year. The money raised went to good causes.
Margaret Carlson

Daily Beast columnist

Richard Siegel has long been delighting friends and a growing fan base with his original songs. 
Some of the songs are comedy and often headlined at the “DC’s Funniest Celebrity” annual comedy fest that Richard organized for decades.


Grover Norquist

Has no opinions on taxes

Hey Richard. Impressive sound and vocal
Thanks for your good work.el

British Columbia, CA

Richard Great song and singing on “Your my Oasis” love it. Best wishes for the season. 

Napier, NZ

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